Advances in print, smart screen and projection technologies have enhanced the impact and functionality of point-of-sale (POS) display and reduced barriers to entry. Now POS can interact with customers, gather demographic and emotional data, measure footfall and recognise return customers. It can change frequently to mirror your fast-paced multi-channel messaging or in-store offers. In short, POS is at the heart of the next-generation instore retail experience. With a host of multi-media formats available, retailers are embracing products and technologies in order to seize the competitive advantage POS has to offer. Those who succeed will benefit from transaction upsell, closer customer connection and improved big data intelligence.


Start at 09:30 AM

Ian Jindal

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of InternetRetailing

Retailer Session Introduction

09:35 AM

Tools / Trends / Advice with Host and Leading Retailer

09:55 AM

Set up and explanation of the RX Pro Pitch Session

10:00 AM

Sponsor Session 1 Further details to be announced

10:10 AM

Sponsor Session 2 Further details to be announced

10:20 AM

Sponsor Session 3 Further details to be announced

10:30 AM

Sponsor Session 4 Further details to be announced

10:40 AM

Sponsor Session 5 Further details to be announced

10:50 AM

Sponsor Session 6 Further details to be announced

11:00 AM

Sponsor Session 7 Further details to be announced

11:10 AM

Sponsor Session 8 Further details to be announced

11:20 AM

Panel Session

11:50 AM

Closing Remarks and Networking. The event will stay open for 60 minutes following the closing session.

RetailX#PO – POS is designed specifically for senior commercial stakeholders from the Top1000 retailers. You will have the opportunity to probe and evaluate technologies and services from a curated selection of expert vendors and hear keynotes from leading retailers. The agenda allows you to cut through the hype with brief, relevant and practical presentations, while offering personal one-on-one time with vendors to discuss your unique requirements. Book your place today!



Ian Jindal - Founder and Editor in Chief of InternetRetailing


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