Online Merchandising

Online shoppers are unable to feel the luxurious fabric, smell the quality leather or sample the latest products at the bakery counter, yet we are living in a world where the eCommerce store is the principal shop window into your product range. Online merchandising seeks to remedy this conundrum by strategically displaying and arranging products through striking visual elements that increase conversion rates and order size. When coupled with sophisticated data metrics or even AI-driven insight, the potency of online merchandising can be further enhanced. Making the right decision on how to upgrade your online merchandising capability holds the potential for future eCommerce growth, building customer trust and collecting valuable data intelligence.


Start at 02:30 PM

Ian Jindal

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of InternetRetailing

Retailer Session Introduction

02:35 PM

Tools / Trends / Advice with Host and Leading Retailer

02:55 PM

Set up and explanation of the RX Pro Pitch Session

03:00 PM

Sponsor Session 1 Further details to be announced

03:10 PM

Sponsor Session 2 Further details to be announced

03:20 PM

Sponsor Session 3 Further details to be announced

03:30 PM

Sponsor Session 4 Further details to be announced

03:40 PM

Sponsor Session 5 Further details to be announced

03:50 PM

Sponsor Session 6 Further details to be announced

04:00 PM

Sponsor Session 7 Further details to be announced

04:10 PM

Sponsor Session 8 Further details to be announced

04:20 PM

Panel Session

04:50 PM

Closing Remarks and Networking. The event will stay open for 60 minutes following the closing session.

RetailX#PO – Online Merchandising is designed specifically for senior commercial stakeholders from the Top1000 retailers. You will have the opportunity to probe and evaluate technologies and services from a curated selection of expert vendors and hear keynotes from leading retailers. The agenda allows you to cut through the hype with brief, relevant and practical presentations, while offering personal one-on-one time with vendors to discuss your unique requirements. Book your place today!



Ian Jindal - Founder and Editor in Chief of InternetRetailing


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