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Personalisation is a powerful tool in the world of eCommerce. It develops trust with potential customers that can be the differentiator between ‘visit’ or ‘interest’ and closing the transaction. By fine-tuning the opportunity that personalisation affords you can optimise sales value and margin while nurturing customer loyalty.   As consumer appetite for deeper personalisation matures, building new functionality into your multi-channel platform that builds an emotional connection with your customers will place you at a competitive advantage.   Vendors are jostling for your attention, with a host of innovative solutions available to assist you in your journey. From AI-powered and psychographic personalisation to technologies that are designed to encourage longer shopping horizons or automate opportunity mining. The opportunities are out there, but they have to be right for your business, otherwise, you will not realise a return on your investment.

The agenda for this event

Start at 02:30 PM

Ian Jindal

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of InternetRetailing

Retailer Session Introduction

02:35 PM

Nicola Huet

Camilla Tress

Digital and Marketing Director, Boden

Connected Commerce Lead - Oliver Bonas

Personalisation in Conversation with Boden and Oliver Bonas
Setting the scene for our Personalisation discussions we hear from two leading retailers how they are deploying Personalisation techniques and approaches to engage effectively with their customers.

02:55 PM

Set up and explanation of the RX Pro Pitch Session

03:10 PM

Chris Jones

Senior Account Director, Attraqt

Creating differentiated experiences at scale
Today’s consumers expect to be understood and treated as individuals. Personalisation in retail hasn’t always kept pace. This is because retailers are faced with an array of disparate data sources and shopper signals. The challenge is harnessing this, enrichening it and analysing it in a way that they can understand and act on customer intent in real-time, to deliver the right experiences. Every touch point on the customer journey is an opportunity to properly harness data and create these experiences – from search to navigation, product pages, to basket pages and re-engagement. Let’s take you through how we successfully deliver differentiated experiences at scale using AI, by deploying the best combination of multi-sourced algorithms to work alongside a human-led strategy.

03:20 PM

Simon Bird

Cofounder and CEO, RevLifter

Boost conversion rates 30% and reduce promo costs with hyper-personalised deals
Are your blanket promotions costing more but delivering less? RevLifter leverages your proprietary customer data to deliver intelligent, hyper-personalised deals that both perform better and reduce costs. See the data that prove our easy-to-deploy, pay-for-performance solution boosts conversion rates and increases AOV by 10-30% versus site average. Take control of your offers while boosting customer satisfaction.

03:30 PM

Ben Foulkes

Senior Director, Business Development, Epsilon

Why digital identity is important for scalable personalisation
The value of 1st party data has never been higher. Upcoming 3rd party cookies deprecation has highlighted gaps some brands have in linking to digital channels. Through the use of a case study Epsilon will walk through the difference between cookies and digital ID, and the upside when this is applied in multiple channels.

03:40 PM

Steve Robinson

Founder, Omnicommerce

Create the greatest amount of value from your marketing investment – next level marketing
Almost without exception, businesses have a limited amount of marketing spend to acquire new customers. This session explains the techniques readily available to allocate that marketing investment to create the greatest amount of customer lifetime value, moving way beyond the level of targeting deployed by most agencies and in-house marketing teams.

03:50 PM

Gita Samani

Consulting Director, Astound Commerce UK

The system integrator’s view
System Integrators know the capabilities, the ins/outs of the software and the reality of going from idea through to delivery. In this session we’ll hear from an experienced SI about the questions to ask during procurement, the possible pitfalls to factor into planning, and how to prepare and align your project for success. If you have specific questions, jargon that needs busting, topics you’d like to have covered, please drop a note in advance to xpo@retailx.net

04:10 PM

Closing Remarks and Networking. The event will stay open for 60 minutes following the closing session.

RetailX#PO – Personalisation is designed specifically for senior commercial stakeholders from the Top1000 retailers. You will have the opportunity to probe and evaluate technologies and services from a curated selection of expert vendors and hear keynotes from leading retailers.

The agenda allows you to cut through the hype with brief, relevant and practical presentations, while offering personal one-on-one time with vendors to discuss your unique requirements. Book your place today!



Ian Jindal - Founder and Editor in Chief of InternetRetailing


Nicola Huet - Digital and Marketing Director


Camilla Tress - Connected Commerce Lead

Oliver Bonas
Camilla Tress is Connected Commerce Lead at Oliver Bonas, an independent British lifestyle store, designing their own take on fashion and homeware. They have 80 stores across the UK and Ireland and a strong online presence. During her time with the company Camilla has overseen a number of key initiatives that have contributed to the strong growth of the website. The next phase of growth in a post pandemic world is to develop a seamless customer experience across all channels.

Chris Jones - Senior Account Director

Chris Jones has worked in the retail landscape for almost a decade. Both on the ecommerce tech platform end with Attraqt, and as a retail manager with Jessops. During his extensive time at Attraqt, Chris has been part of the fast-evolving move towards digital acceleration for retail. Through his relationships with a broad cross section of Attraqt’s 300+ global clients, he has developed a deep understanding of where pain points, and opportunities exist for retailers and brands. Chris’s most commonly heard ecommerce myth from retailers is “AI will soon replace us humans” and takes pleasure in busting that one.

Simon Bird - Cofounder and CEO

Simon Bird is a long-time retail and technology veteran who has focused his career on improving retail sales and margins while creating better customer experiences. He strongly believes that digital technology can help brands align the specific needs of their customers with their key business goals. He cofounded RevLifter to leverage proprietary shopper data and AI to deliver bespoke deals and experiences to every customer -- hyper-personalised offers that deliver dramatically higher ROI than one-size-fits-all offers. Prior to RevLifter, he was International General Manager for leading deal technology company, Savoo. He is also an investor and board member for a broad variety of technology start-ups focused on digital commerce.

Ben Foulkes - Senior Director, Business Development "

Ben is a Senior Director at Epsilon. He’s worked across publishing, ad-tech and mar-tech for the past 10 years. Enjoy talking to anyone about retail the future for ecommerce with a focus around digital identity, machine learning and proper measurement.

Steve Robinson - Founder

Having qualified as a Chartered Accountant at EY, Steve has spent the rest of his career in C-level roles, predominantly in retail. He became CFO Argos in 2000 and since then has run various ecommerce business as CEO including Tesco Direct, M and M Direct, ACHICA as well as Customer Director B&Q. Steve’s notable successes include making click and collect a mainstream customer proposition in the UK, the introduction of the concept of omni-channel into retail, and using data to optimise business profitability. Steve has held a number of Chairman roles and is a Venture Partner at Downing Ventures where he advises on new acquisitions and helps portfolio companies with their digital and data strategies. Steve is a leading thinker in transforming businesses into being data driven and at Omnicommerce has led the development of a number of market leading SaaS based reporting suites covering Customer, Google Ads and eCommerce.

Gita Samani - Consulting Director

Astound Commerce
Gita Samani leads Astound Commerce’s Consulting practice, and has over 20 years of retail experience, with the last 15 years focused on digital and ecommerce. She has worked in various roles with some of the UK’s well known retailers including House of Fraser, Debenhams and Selfridges as well as global brands such as Michael Kors where she led the digital expansion into Europe. Additionally, she has worked supporting start-up businesses in the Middle East to guide and define a brand new ecommerce proposition, deliver their digital strategy and vision and to consider and deliver the wider set up of an ecommerce operation from Studio Management through to Customer Service and Fulfilment in addition to the technology to support this. Since joining Astound, Gita has played a significant role in outlining and shaping its Consulting offering, growing the team and extending the services at Astound to put consulting at the heart of all its engagements.

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