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Presentations will run between April 28th - June 24th and offer retailers the chance to connect directly with vendors, in a zero-obligation environment.

Cut the heavy lifting out of the procurement process with RetailX#PO.
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PDS and Open Banking frameworks have opened up an increasing flow of new 3rd party payment systems, which offers retailers more choice when satisfying customer

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Personalisation is a powerful tool in the world of eCommerce. It develops trust with potential customers that can be the differentiator between ‘visit’ or ‘interest’

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Delivery & Packaging

A poor delivery experience can damage a retailers reputation, regardless of how good the end product is. Here we look at key delivery and packaging

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Advances in print, smart screen and projection technologies have enhanced the impact and functionality of point-of-sale (POS) display and reduced barriers to entry.

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Online Merchandising

Online shoppers are unable to feel the luxurious fabric, smell the quality leather or sample the latest products at the bakery counter, yet we are

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About Us

RetailX#PO is the new take on procurement. We combine inside knowledge (we know the products and services used by our Top1000 retailers, and to what effect), with a comprehensive ranking of the products, all collected by type within the retail value chain, and then they present to you in a pitch style, supported by an online showcase…in short – we do the heavy lifting to identity, sift, collate, pitch and demo for you! This is a digital procurement accelerator for busy professionals, who have the confidence of also getting the objective references from their peers and competitors.